Monday, December 15, 2008

Night Life by Elizabeth Guest

It's a vampire book, yep. Seems like they all are these days. What is with everyone's obsession with vampire novels? I couldn't tell you, even though I read them!

Part of the reason that I picked up this book was the Egyptian imagery in the background. I love Egyptian culture, and if it can be integrated into my romance novels, even better! The premise of this story is that a pharoah was poisoned during his rule. Before he died, he drank a potion that allowed him to live again, thousands of years later.

Arisen again and now named Adrian King, he lives in Las Vegas and owns a casino. He meets Egyptologist Christine who has been dreaming of him for years. He shares his secret with her, and she helps to fight his soldiers who have also been raised with him.

I loved the new twist that this author put on the vampire story. I felt like the characters were believable and that the author had done enough research about Egyptian history and culture to sound believable. I'm no expert on Egyptian history myself, so I can't contradict any of her facts. Definitely worth the read, especially if you're always looking for a new twist on the vampire story like I am!