Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Book of Names by Jill Gregory & Karen Tintori

This book is in the Da Vinci Code-esque tradition: Religiously themed with a mystery to discover.

David Shepard keeps a journal. All that is written in his journal are names. Names of people he doesn't know, names of people he's never met. He's been "hearing" the names since a near-death accident during his childhood. David doesn't think that the names are real people until he decides to Google the names in his journal. The names in David's head turn out to be people across the world and across the centuries.

David embarks on a journey to discover what these names mean and why he has these names in his head. He meets Rabbi ben Moshe who introduces him to Kabbalah and the Lamed Vovniks. The Lamed Vovniks are the hidden ones. There are 36 of them, and they hold the goodness of the world. When they are killed, it has dire repercussions.

David is horrified when one of the names is the name of his stepdaughter, who has been adopted by her new stepfather. He witnesses the death of the rabbi and goes on the run to Israel with Yael HarPaz. Meanwhile, the secret cult of the Gnoseos is trying to kill the last of the Lamed Vovniks, gain possession of David's journal, and kidnap his stepdaughter.

If you like Dan Brown and James Rollins, you'll most likely enjoy this book.

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