Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I haven't won anything yet, but I am seriously addicted to entering giveaways at different websites. I think I may have mentioned this before. There are so many people giving away books, as you may have found during Book Blogger Appreciation Week. There are also quite a few mom blogs that review products and have extras to give away. I am really wanting to win a Soda Club set, but no luck so far. One of the great sites I have found that does wonderful giveaways is A Wrestling Addicted Mommy.

One of my friends does a third Monday of the month giveaway as well. She's had fun stuff like awesome Post-it notes, a little wallet-sized pouch, a cell phone charm made out of a bottle cap, and the like. You can find her website at 5 foot 4 (dot) org. She's got a great photography business, so if you live in or near east Texas, check it out. She does awesome work and I make props for her when possible.

I think I will be doing some giveaways here soon as well. I've got a copy of the very first book I reviewed to give away. I've also got a copy of Keri Arthur's first in the Riley Jensen series. Stay tuned for more!

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5 foot 4 girl said...

Just catching up on my reader list and saw you mentioned the 3rd Monday Giveaway and the photog biz :) Thanks so much!!! And thanks for helping me out on props as well!

I think I told you this already (have replied to too many emails already in the past couple of days!) but I have selected the October through December 3rd Monday prizes, with December's being the biggest to date!