Friday, September 19, 2008

Missing by Jasmine Cresswell

These days, I go to the library looking for a good romance. I'm hoping that I'll move along into other genres soon because while I like a good romance, I like those other genres. Some people choose their books by their covers, some people choose their books maybe by titles or by blurbs. I choose my books for their spines. Since I'm on the romance trend, I look for books that say romantic suspense on the spine. I actually don't like straight up romances.

Unfortunately, the suspense was missing in the Jasmine Cresswell's Missing. The story was a very, very slow start. I had no idea who the romantic coupling was supposed to be until at least halfway through the book. I had my suspicions, but it took forever for the author to actually let the reader know.

The book was rife with family disfunction. It begins with the death of Ron Raven, who it turns out is a bigamist! He has two families--one in Wyoming, and one in Chicago. While the two families are recovering from the shock of both Ron's death and the discovery of his other family, Ron's daughter Megan embarks upon a journey to find out what happened to her father with Adam Fairfax, the brother of her father's other wife.

Once the suspense finally arrived in the book and the main characters were in danger, the book was great. Overall, however, I'd have to advise giving this book a miss. It simply moved too slowly to really be considered suspenseful.

If you are interested, Cresswell has two follow-up books as well: Suspect and Payback.

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